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Lucas Gatsas

I'm Senior Web Engineer & Software Engineer based in (Switzerland). Read More About me on my LinkedIn

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During 6 years, I developed several high quality production level websites and customized it. Most of projects were developed by Angular 6, SailsJS, ExpressJS, MEAN Stack / Ruby on Rails / One of my other core skills are Server administration and Infrastructure building for services and websites. My core skills are MEAN stack Administration, LAMP stack Administration, Docker, Jenkins etc.. Friendly Question Ask (current)
Javascript / Angular / Software Developer, with 6+ years experience of building and customizing high quality websites and web apps. And also, I love to build the hybrid mobile applications using Ionic framework (Angular 6) or Higher /, and React Native(React.js). High Skills in :
- JavaScript Frameworks
- Front End Framework
- Experience with CSS Preprocessors
- Experience with RESTful Services and APIs
- Responsive and Mobile Design
- Cross-Browser Development
- Testing and Debugging
- Git and Version Control Systems
- Problem Solving Skills
★ Front-end: - Angular 6 or Higher 7 - Vue.JS - React.JS, React/Ruby - Backbone, Ember, pdf.js, d3.js, paper.js, video.js... - Electron - Ionic, React Native - HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, CSS3, SASS, SCSS, LESS

★ Back-end: - Sails.JS, Express.JS, Meteor, Koa and etc... - API: PayPal API & Stripe API - PHP: PHP, Wordpress - Shopify, Paypal, - MEAN Stack

★ Database: Mongo DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rethink DB, Redis, etc..

★ Web host cloud Servers: - AWS (EC2, Lambda, S3, ElastiCache...) - Digital Ocean - Heroku - Google Cloud - Microsoft Azure - Firebase

★ Dev/Testing Tools: - Testing framework: Mocha, Chai, Jasmine, etc.. - Git, Bitbucket, Slack, Jira, Trello - Webpack / Gulp / Grunt

If you are interested in me, please feel free to contact me. I will reply asap and advise technical solution that you want.
∙ As a Senior Front-End Developer & Software Developer I led numerous prototypes at Tomsfive AG(current) for the Web App.
I also created the whole WebApp in PHP & Wordpress which is connected to the Apple Store & Android (Google Play) Store.
∙ As a Senior Front-End Developer & Software Developer I led numerous prototypes at Tomsfive AG for the Web App. The Alpha Test are finish, now we work on the Beta Version.
here some reference:
Major League Hacking - Hackathon
StartHack St. Gallen - Hackathon
Hack Zuerich - Hackathon Europe 500 Best Hackers

HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil Switzerland Student & Self Taught 2015 - 2018 After some Lessions and lot of self-taught learning to write Softwares, I went to the HighSchool for Technical in Rapperswil - Switzerland to expand my programming skills.